WWE Superstars: Europe's most excited tourists

WWE Superstars: Europe's most excited tourists

This week, WWE kicks off its 10-day Live European Tour, and its Superstars and Divas couldn’t be more excited.

“The European tours are my favorite part of the year,” Dean Ambrose told WWE.com about the whirlwind international event, which this April consists of shows and personal appearances throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Poland Switzerland and  Belgium [ click here for tickets] . “It’s so much fun for us to see all the different cities and different people around the world.”

“I've wrestled before in Dublin and in Belfast,” explained WWE’s newest high-flyer Neville, who understandably possesses a deep connection to European competition, ”but I’ve never wrestled in Manchester. That’s very close to my hometown of Newcastle, and I’m looking forward to that.”

NXT’s Finn Balor is equally as excited, and appreciates the idea of performing in front of his hometown with WWE. “When I was 9, 10 years old, I was watching WWE in Dublin, in that same building,” said the Irish Superstar, referencing Dublin’s 3Arena. “To be returning with WWE and actually be performing in Dublin city, in there, really is a dream come true.”

WWE Superstars: Europe's most excited tourists

“The first tour you ever do is special,” recalled Seth Rollins, who has even more reason to enjoy it this time out. “I think I’m coming into my fifth international tour, and doing it as a WWE World Heavyweight Champion this time is something that I’m really proud of.”

For Paige, going back home to England means seeing friends, family and of course, the WWE Universe all over Europe, which has a special place in the former Divas Champion’s heart. “They’re all amazing to me,” said an ecstatic Diva of Tomorrow, who particularly enjoys how our fans “go Loony Tunes in every arena.”

“Every town we go to, every country, every city, it doesn’t even matter – [the fans] all have their own individual personalities,” Rollins added, trying to put the well-reputed European crowds’ exuberant nature into perspective. “They all stand out for their own reasons."

WWE Superstars: Europe's most excited tourists

Not surprisingly, an outspoken Miz had a different take on the subject.

“When I go out there, they applaud me, they cheer me, they understand me. They get it and they enjoy me,” reflected the A-lister. ” The fans relate to me because they know they can never become me, so they live vicariously through me.”

Whether or not you agree with The Miz is moot; at least you can understand what he’s talking about, unlike the cosmically creepy comments emanating from the mouth of Stardust.

“It’s like Cleveland rocks, you know? Do you know how much it costs to make a spacesuit? NASA spends $11 million on a spacesuit before it’s shut down. When I think about going to Europe, I feel like a million dollars, so I feel one-eleventh of what it costs to build a spacesuit.”

Perhaps the fault here lies not in our Stardust, but in ourselves for asking him. Thankfully, it’s The Lunatic Fringe who brings us back to Europe with a more lucid insight.

WWE Superstars: Europe's most excited tourists

“The fans over there are so passionate and glad to have us because we don’t get to go there that often,” Ambrose explained. “WWE is so big in Europe that you always feel really welcome. The fans go there to have fun and watch a spectacle, and sometimes they become part of the spectacle. That’s such a great atmosphere to be a part of. I think the rowdier, the more opinionated and jazzed up the crowd, the better.”

And there you have it, WWE Universe – no matter where in Europe you’re attending a WWE Live event this April, expect to have the time of your life. It’s clear that WWE’s Superstars and Divas feel the exact same way.

For more details and ticket information about WWE’s European Live Tour, please click here.

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