Tiffany: Bio


In 2008, the beautiful and dynamic Tiffany became the personal assistant to ECW General Manager Theodore Long. When Long left the Land of the Extreme in 2009, Tiffany filled the role as Interim General Manager, and eventually proved herself to become full-time General Manager.

Tiffany's experience in business and marketing definitely gave her the know-how to thrive in the Land of the Extreme. And her New Orleans upbringing provided her with the capability to maintain relationships with a variety of different personalities, a skill which proved effective as she worked side-by-side with the Extreme Superstars of ECW.

Before joining ECW, Tiffany was heavily involved in scholastic athletics. She was a competitive power lifter and cheerleader. She started her high school's first female power lifting team, which placed third in the state finals during its inaugural year.

After ECW made way for WWE NXT, Tiffany became part of SmackDown, where she helped Kelly Kelly battle the vicious duo of Layla & Michelle McCool.

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