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Ganador del Clásico de Parejas Dusty Rhodes; Campeón de Parejas NXT


Rezar: Bio


Rezar, one half of the towering tag team known as The Authors of Pain, is prepared to unleash carnage on NXT.

Rezar, along with his equally terrifying partner Akam, put the NXT roster on notice with their shocking arrival, when they demolished American Alpha in brutal fashion. Since then, their manager, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, has chosen to reveal little about his monstrous charges and their reasons for coming to NXT, only saying that everyone will learn about the Authors “in due time.”

Rezar has remained silent, aside from the primal screams he roars as he pummels his opposition into the canvas. He and Akam are more than satisfied to let their in-ring demolition do the talking. Though The Authors of Pain’s goals are still unknown, it’s clear that they are more than willing to destroy everyone in their path to achieve them.

At NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Rezar and Akam defeated TM61 in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic to win the prestigious Dusty Rhodes Cup.

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