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Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Drift Away

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Campeón 24/7


Elias : Bio


Elias Samson doesn’t seem like the type of guy that cares about earthly possessions. However, the man known as “The Drifter” seems to have his sights set on capturing a prize to keep alongside his beloved guitar – the NXT Championship.

For weeks, Samson strummed away at his six-string on NXT television, heralding his impending arrival between the yellow ropes. The brawling balladeer finally debuted on Dec. 23, in front of a sold-out crowd in London, England. Taking on Bull Dempsey, “The Drifter” made surprisingly short work of the 299-pounder, putting the Bull-Fit innovator away with a devastating diving elbow off the top rope.

Samson showed he was more than a brooding musician with his emphatic debut victory. Now, “The Drifter” is set on proving that what NXT needs is him at its very top.

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