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Alexander Wolfe






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Dresden, Alemania

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NXT Tag Team Champion

Alexander Wolfe

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Alexander Wolfe

It doesn’t take long to see what makes Alexander Wolfe so dangerous inside the squared circle. The combative fighter debuted alongside his fellow members of the group SAnitY during the Oct. 12 episode of NXT, immediately bringing chaos and anarchy along with them.

The German-born Superstar’s rugged exterior and maniacal facial expressions, combined with his crazed fighting style, make him as menacing a competitor the NXT Universe has seen. The only other Superstars on the NXT roster that can match Wolfe in his lunacy are his fellow SAnitY members, Eric Young, Sawyer Fulton and Nikki Cross.

This mind-boggling combination of combatants makes for a very grim future for anyone who crosses Wolfe and his SAnitY cohorts.

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