Joe Coffey der. Dave Mastiff Cuartos de Final

Joe Coffey presume su fuerza masiva ante Dave Mastiff: 2018 United Kingdom Championship Tournament (WWE Network Exclusive)

"Iron King" Joe Coffey derriba a Dave Mastiff con una serie de maniobras impresionantes.

Like bulls locking horns, the tournament’s two biggest competitors, Scotland’s Joe Coffey and the Black Country’s Dave Mastiff, tested each other’s strength in the early goings. They pulverized each other with big suplexes, headbutts and even a few stunning feats of agility. After Mastiff missed his favored move, a Cannonball splash in the corner, Coffey scored passage to the next round by dropping the 300-pounder with a discus lariat that Coffey calls Aw the Best for the Bells. Afterward, The Iron King told Cathy Kelley that he would show “no mercy” and win “by any means necessary” as the tournament progresses.

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