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SmackDown Resultados : Detalles Completos


Paige fue anfitriona de Cumbre de Mujeres de Money in the Bank

Paige es anfitriona de Cumbre de Mujeres de Money in the Bank: SmackDown LIVE, Junio 12, 2018

La Gerente General de SmackDown LIVE Paige intenta motivas a las competidoras de Money in the Bank, pero es interrumpida por cuatro metiches.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ahora que la Lucha Femenina de Escaleras de Money in the Bank está a cinco días de distancia, la Gerente General de SmackDown LIVE Paige fue la anfitriona de una cumbre entre las representantes de la marca azul en el evento especial de este domingo: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Naomi y Lana.

La tensión fue palpable desde el inicio, pues cada una de ellas cree ser la indicada para ganar el maletín. No obstante, antes de que las cosas saliesen de control, Las IIcónicas las interrumpieron, informándole a las combatientes sería un milagro que alguna de ellas se llevase el maletín a casa. Como lo hacen usualmente, Billie Kay & Peyton Royce comenzaron a proferir insultos, y Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville llegaron para echarle más leña al fuego y mencionar que las mujeres no incluidas en la Lucha de Escaleras realmente son superiores a las que sí participarán. Eso llevó a las damas en el ring a unirse para pelear con Kay, Royce, Rose y Deville en la rampa. La riña salvaje continuó hasta que los oficiales de WWE separaron a las enfurecidas Superestrellas.


Daniel Bryan der. Shelton Benjamin

After taking exception with what Daniel Bryan’s idea of a “hard worker” is on Twitter, Shelton Benjamin looked to prove a point against The Beard tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

Facing off for the first time ever in WWE, the two world-class grapplers had the WWE Universe enthralled from the jump. With both Superstars possessing such technical prowess and high in-ring IQs, Bryan and Benjamin exchanged several counters at a lightning-fast clip. Benjamin was crafty, targeting Bryan’s knee, even viciously slamming it across the announcer’s table. However, Bryan was able to battle back, also targeting Benjamin’s knee, equaling the score as the two continued to duke it out.

With both their knees worse for wear, The “Yes!” Man was able to claim a major win over Benjamin when he countered Shelton’s Half Boston Crab into his signature Heel Hook just five days before his clash with Big Cass this Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank.


Jerry “The King” Lawler entrevistó al Campeón WWE AJ Styles

AJ Styles promete ser el último hombre de pie: SmackDown LIVE, Junio 12, 2018

En una entrevista con Jerry “The King” Lawler, AJ Styles explica qué hará para derrotar a Shinsuke Nakamura.

After losing his cool last week during his contract signing with Shinsuke Nakamura for their WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match this Sunday, AJ Styles had an exclusive interview with Memphis legend and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler on SmackDown LIVE.

The Phenomenal One copped to the fact that The King of Strong Style got under his skin last week and then apologized… for not "knocking his head off with my fist." Styles cited Shinsuke’s rule-breaking and childish behavior as reasons for his outburst before promising that WWE’s Rockstar will continue to receive that type of discipline if he continues acting that way. Styles then promised the WWE Universe that he would walk out of WWE Money in the Bank the way he walked in, as WWE Champion, and as the last man standing.


Rusev der. Samoa Joe con The Miz como réferi especial

With The Miz serving as the Special Guest Referee (which Paige co-signed earlier in the show), Rusev squared off against Samoa Joe, as all three Superstars in the ring began to eye the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday.

After The Miz accidentally struck Joe and Rusev with pancakes last week, The A-Lister was certainly on his toes as the two behemoths squared off on the blue brand. The hard-hitting bout saw both competitors attempt to wear down and brutalize their opponent en route to a victory tonight and a leg up on the competition heading into Sunday.

In the match’s pivotal moments, Joe accidentally rammed into Miz, and when it appeared that The Samoan Assassin was nearing victory, Miz refused to count due to being salty from when Joe crashed into him. Samoa Joe, of course, did not take kindly to Miz’s actions, and the two began to jaw jack. However, this distraction proved costly when Rusev surged up and connected with a Machka Kick square to Joe’s jaw for the 1-2-3.

As Rusev celebrated, Aiden English brought a ladder into the ring that Rusev began to climb. However, Miz stole The Bulgarian Brute’s thunder when he snuck up behind him and dropped Rusev with the Skull-Crushing Finale. Miz then climbed the ladder and retrieved the Money in the Bank briefcase. Beginning to shove it down the WWE Universe’s throat, Miz gloated heavily with the briefcase, taking it to the announcer’s table and opening it up, suggesting that he would win the Ladder Match and cash in the contract.

However, when he actually looked inside the briefcase, The A-Lister was shocked to see that it was filled with The New Day’s signature pancakes. Irate over being made a fool of, Miz dumped the pancake-filled briefcase over the announce table and screamed in massive frustration while The New Day laughed ferociously from afar. Miz may have won the battle tonight, but The New Day still had a distinct edge heading into Sunday, with no one having any idea who the group would select from their squadron to be in the career-changing contest.


Jeff Hardy der. Shinsuke Nakamura por Descalificación

After exchanging verbal blows over social media this past weekend with United States Champion Jeff Hardy, Shinsuke Nakamura took exception to The Charismatic Enigma suggesting that AJ Styles would defeat him in the WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match this Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank. Because of all this, the two Superstars collided for the first time ever on the blue brand.

Nakamura attempted to keep Hardy grounded with his aggressive strong style approach, but The Charismatic Enigma weathered Shinsuke’s best efforts and even stopped a Kinshasa attempt from Nakamura and connected with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb. It seemed Hardy was on the verge of victory, but when he couldn’t capitalize immediately on the Swanton due to nagging pain in his back, Nakamura was able to get his foot on the rope to break the count. From there, Hardy tried to seal the deal by connecting with a second Twist of Fate, but with The Artist beginning to feel desperate, he countered the attempt by delivering a savage low blow blatantly in front of the referee for an immediate disqualification.

Seemingly unconcerned with the defeat after using a move that will be legal on Sunday, Nakamura then delivered a ring-rattling Kinshasa to knock him out cold. Shinsuke then proceeded to count to 10, sending one last message to The Phenomenal One: He, much like Styles, firmly believed he would be the last man standing.


Asuka, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Lana & Charlotte Flair der. Carmella, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay

Después de que Las IIcónicas, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville arruinaron la Cumbre de las Mujeres de Money in the Bank al inicio del show y Asuka le pidió a Paige permiso para enfrentar a la Campeona Femenil de SmackDown Carmella en el show, la Gerente General optó por tener la mayor Lucha por Equipos Femeninos más grande de la historia del show azul, poniendo a Asuka, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Charlotte Flair y Lana ante la Princesa Mella, Rose, Deville, Peyton Royce y Bilie Kay.

A pesar de que se enfrentarán este domingo, el escuadrón de las damas que participarán en Money in the Bank + Asuka trabajó bien en conjunto. Después de que ella valientemente declaró que Asuka no estaba lista para ella, Carmella se pasó a sí misma el relevo para intentar probar su punto. Durante la refriega, Carmella logró patear a la japonesa en la cara, pero La Emperatriz del Mañana se salvó cuando Lana vino al rescate. De allí, la retadora logró adelantarse a los ataques de la campeona y le aplicó la Llave Asuka para llevarse la victoria por sometimiento.

Después del combate, la celebración de Asuka rápidamente se convirtió en una escena tensa entre las competidoras de la Lucha de Escaleras de Money in the Bank, pues cada una tiene la mirada puesta en ganar el maletín. ¿Qué hay de Asuka? Ella no estaba mirando hacia arriba, sino hacia delante, pues el domingo podría convertirse en la nueva Campeona Femenil de SmackDown.

SmackDown LIVE: Junio 12, 2018

¿Cuál de las participantes de la Lucha de Escaleras de Money in the Bank tiene más posibilidades de traer el maletín a SmackDown LIVE?