Sin Cara der. Baron Corbin por descalificación

Sin Cara vs. Baron Corbin: SmackDown LIVE, Oct. 24, 2017

Sin Cara busca tener una segunda victoria al hilo ante Baron Corbin.

United States Champion Baron Corbin looked to get back on track in a non-title contest against Sin Cara, who scored a shocking upset over The Lone Wolf last week via count-out.

Corbin was the aggressor, but Cara, much like last week, refused to give in to his much larger opponent. Getting more aggressive by the second, The Lone Wolf attempted to viciously remove Sin Cara’s mask, but even that would not deter the fighting spirit of the masked luchador. Getting frustrated, Corbin backed Sin Cara into the corner, threw savage haymakers, refused to yield to the referee’s five-count and was disqualified for his second straight loss to Sin Cara.

An enraged Corbin unleashed a brutal post-match beatdown on Sin Cara, connecting with an emphatic End of Days on the floor to leave his rival in a heap.

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