5 competidores que derrotaron a Goldberg

5 competidores que derrotaron a Goldberg

Bill Goldberg will always be remembered as one of the most dominant Superstars to ever set foot inside the squared circle. His unprecedented 173-0 undefeated streak in WCW is unmatched and may never be surpassed.

In the interest of full disclosure, no one ever beat Goldberg without the aid of outside interference in some form. Although he has been on the losing side in tag team contests, WWEClassics.com was more interested in discovering the grapplers who defeated him in singles competition. Assisted victories or not, a win is a win, and only five Superstars hold the distinction of pinning Goldberg.


Kevin Nash


Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash - Campeonato WCW: Starrcade 1998

Kevin Nash busca romper la racha invicta de Goldberg.

Goldberg’s unprecedented undefeated streak stood firm at 173-0 as he entered Starrcade 1998 with the WCW Championship. He had defeated nearly everyone in the locker room, and WCW’s biggest event of the year pitted him against nWo Wolfpac leader Kevin Nash. Big Sexy earned the opportunity by winning the 3-ring, 60-man battle royal known as World War 3.

Watch Nash break Goldberg's undefeated streak

Certainly, the odds were in Goldberg’s favor. The Wolfpac weren’t like the nWo Hollywood and thus, wouldn’t interfere. However, WCW fans were utterly shocked when Nash’s former tag team partner – and nemesis at the time – Scott Hall, dressed as a security guard, used a taser to knock the champion out. As a result, Nash was able to powerbomb Goldberg and become the Superstar that ended Goldberg’s streak.


Bret Hart


Goldberg vs. Bret Hart - United States Championship Match: Nitro, Oct. 25, 1999

Goldberg and Bret Hart battle in the first round of the WCW Mayhem Championship Tournament, while also competing for the U.S. Title.

One of Goldberg’s most intense rivalries during his WCW tenure was with Bret “Hit Man” Hart. In 1999, the pair squared off numerous times and even formed an uneasy alliance, capturing the WCW Tag Team Championship. However, when they battled in singles competition, Hart was victorious on three occasions.

Watch Bret Hart and Goldberg battle for the U.S. Title |  Hart defeats Goldberg at Starrcade 1999 | Goldberg is the nWo 2000's first victim

In their first battle for the U.S. Title on Oct. 25, 1999, the WWE Hall of Famer was successful, thanks to an assist from Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sid Vicious. At Starrcade 1999, Hart defeated Goldberg to retain the WCW World Title with help from Roddy Piper, who called for the bell while Goldberg was locked in The Sharpshooter. Though Hart vacated the title, a rematch the next night on Nitro once again saw Hart victorious because of interference from Nash, Hall and Jeff Jarrett, who then announced the reformation of the nWo.


Booker T


Booker T vs. Goldberg - Campeonato WCW: Nitro, Julio 24, 2000

Booker T defends the WCW Title against Goldberg.

At the start of the July 24, 2000 episode of Monday Nitro, Goldberg challenged WCW Champion Booker T to a match. Frankly, everything that took place before their battle was kind of confusing.  After all, this was WCW in 2000.

Watch Booker T defeats Goldberg

The entire affair involved Goldberg stealing a title opportunity from Sting, Ernest “The Cat” Miller looking to take down Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett wanting the WCW Title back and Goldberg tossing Booker T’s brother, Stevie Ray, through a window. The main event of the evening was the second time that night the two squared off. The first encounter ended abruptly after Stevie Ray threw in the towel when his brother was locked in a submission.

However, Booker didn’t quit, so he kept the title. In their second match, both Jarrett and The Cat attacked Goldberg, ultimately allowing Booker T to execute his patented Book End for the victory.


Scott Steiner


Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner: Fall Brawl 2000

Goldberg and Scott Steiner clash in a brutal one-on-one match.

During Goldberg’s unprecedented 173-0 undefeated streak, one of his victories came against Scott Steiner. A few years later, at Fall Brawl 2000, the two physically imposing competitors would battle once again.

Scott Steiner gets help dismantling Goldberg

The No Disqualification Match quickly degraded into a physical, all-out brawl. On two occasions during the match, Goldberg broke free of the Steiner Recliner — a near-impossible feat for anyone. As the battle raged and Goldberg was on the verge of victory, WCW President Vince Russo made his way to the ring and attacked the once-undefeated competitor. Initially fighting through the assault, Goldberg remained in the battle.  However, the presence of Russo — and a baseball bat — eventually allowed Big Poppa Pump to knock out Goldberg and put him in the Steiner Recliner, winning by TKO.


Triple H


SummerSlam 2003: Lucha en Cámara de Eliminación por el Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo

Triple H defends his World Title against five of WWE's toughest Superstars at SummerSlam 2003

Triple H never defeated Goldberg in one-on-one competition. However, The Game belongs in this category primarily for his victory inside the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam 2003. Goldberg and then-World Heavyweight Champion Triple H were the final two entrants and were mostly unscathed by the time they were alone inside the steel structure. The former WCW Champion dominated The Cerebral Assassin until Ric Flair managed to get a sledgehammer to Triple H. As Goldberg prepared to deliver a crushing Spear, The Game nailed him with the sledgehammer to secure the victory and retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Triple H narrowly escapes the Elimination Chamber  | Triple H reclaims the World Title at Armaggedon

Goldberg did win the title from Triple H the following month at Unforgiven. Three months later, at Armageddon, Goldberg defended the championship in a Triple Threat Match against Kane and The Game. Though it appeared that the champion would emerge victorious, a chokeslam from The Big Red Monster, followed by Batista pulling Kane from the ring, allowed Triple H to pin Goldberg and reclaim the title.

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